Oracle Connection

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Oracle Connection

Postby Olodu » Sat Sep 10, 2005 7:48 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have a Windows 2003 Server running Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition. I have been using
the oracle database for a while. I have also recently installed MySQL 4.4, PHP 4.0 and
Apache Server 2.0 on the Server. I know Oracle 9i also has an in-built Apache Server for
its HTTP Server but I have never used it or start it. After the installation of Apache 2.0,
The Oracle Apache Server also get started each time the Apache 2.0 starts up. i.e
I have two Apache Services running at the same time. I can connect to MySQL
database using PHP on the Apache 2.0 server but I cannot connect to the
oracle database. I know I have to configure my php.ini file, but I do not know how
to go about it. Can anybody out there help?


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connect to oracle and pull the fields value

Postby sergeys » Sat Jan 07, 2006 3:09 pm

$conn = ocilogon($ouser, $opassword, $odb);

if (!$conn)
$e = ocierror(); // For oci_connect errors pass no handle

echo "if not connection<br>";

echo htmlentities($e['message']);

$dsql="select ........";

//echo "<br>".$dsql;

$stmt = ociparse($conn,$dsql );

ociexecute($stmt, OCI_DEFAULT);

while (OCIFetchInto ($stmt, $drow, OCI_NUM))


See also for apache and php configuration

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