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MySQL vs. SQL Server Express

Do you have questions regarding other database enginges (not MySQL) -- ask here!

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MySQL vs. SQL Server Express

Postby chainsawal » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:06 am

Quick questions for those of you experienced with this...

I am coding a site that is using MySQL and PHP. Works well, but I really HATE MySQL's interface... I know there are some aftermarket software programs you can buy for minimal cost to make it look like SQL Server's Management Studio, etc.

However, I use SQL Server 2012 at work for other database related things and use Express at home because it is free, although my dbase is growing fast enough where I may have to upgrade to full sql server soon.

My question is, what are the pros and cons with using MySQL vs. SQL Server with my PHP drive site? 2008 vs. 2012? Every time I look up using PHP with SQL server, I get links that tell me I need to download additional drivers, etc.. and at first it appears as if it is NOT that simple switching everything over.

Before I go through the process of trying to switch my site over to SQL Server and finding out it isn't as simple as changing the functions, database name, password, etc. , I would love to hear from so of you who have experience in this area who can confirm I should learn this or let me know if it is not that simple??

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Re: MySQL vs. SQL Server Express

Postby johnj » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:41 am

Well, PHP works beautifully with MySQL. SQL Server is ok but you might hit certain roadblocks for which there may not be many people who can help you out. On the other hand, MySQL community is quite big and the product gels with PHP very well making it easier for a developer to concentrate on coding/development.
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