PHP and Oracle bind parameter array

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PHP and Oracle bind parameter array

Postby tigerlady » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:27 am

My question is releated to php and oracle.
I have a stored oracle procedure which i want to call with php.
Usually it is not a problem, but this time my out variables in procedure are tables.
Any ideas how to solve it? Becouse it shows the following message all the time:
....wrong number or types of arguments ....

***My stored procedure is:
procedure get_value(id in package1.u_id%type,
f_table out tf_table,
s_table out ts_table);

***tf_table is definded type:
type f_table is table of usr.u_id%type
index by binary_integer;

***Fragment of my php code:
$smtp=ora_parse($cursor, "call xx.get_value(:id, :f_table, :s_table)");
ora_bind($cursor, "id", ":id", 10, 1);
ora_bind($cursor, "f_table", ":f_table", 1000, 2);
ora_bind($cursor, "s_table", ":s_table", 1000, 2);

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