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Help with cross site issues

Postby SeriousDizzle » Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:06 pm


Allow me to introduce my question with a few facts. I realize my post may be a little controversial regarding ethics, however you should see my reasoning.

I run a small website that shows live sports, provides a chat, etc. We do this with no login or sign up requirements and I run no advertisements at all. (The video source has ad's, however we promote ad block.) The website is totally free and the purpose behind it is watching sports you do not have access to and chatting.

Okay, here is the issue. :)

There is a very large website, which runs for profit. Some of their sports streams originate from a Fox affiliate. However, if you try to run the code server side, it returns a not found (protected.php) error.

I know some folks may not agree with using protected content, however do know, I run no advertisements on my site and the main objective is helping people for free.

This large website is able to get the streams working, but I cannot figure out why I can't. May anybody help me with this issue? To me it seems like some cross site access and possibly ajax problems. If you'd like, PM me and I can link to my website so you can confirm that I do not do anything malicious.


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