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Re: Help creating loop

Post by mbrother » Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:43 am

Change all <input> tags to include an ID attribute as follows:
<input type="checkbox" onclick="codename()" name="check11" id="check11" size="10">

Code: Select all

function codename()
   var anEl1, anEl2;
   var x;

   for (x=1; x < 6; ++x)
      anEl1 = document.getElementById('check1' + x);
      anEl2 = document.getElementById('check2' + x);

      if (anEl1.checked)
        anEl2.disabled = true;
        anEl2.disabled = false;

      if (anEl2.checked)
       anEl1.disabled = true;
       anEl1.disabled = false;

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