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Postby kushal » Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:48 pm

Okay, i am having an index.php which links to helpers.js file And in this helpers.js file is a login form which doesn't gets displays on index.php page .It seems helpesr.js is NOT loading at all . Also there is a database connection file named common.php which connects to the database . but is not able to retrieve data if i code a query statement inside common.php . But that same database and table i queried by creating a sepearate file was successful .
I will be attaching the files you can query them yourselves and see the php below that line gets displayed on index.php as it is (in my case it displays ) . Remember the color of index.php is black .
So if you want to echo text on this page do apply
<font color="something else than black "> .

Also i would like to mention that i am on a LOCALHOST . But the common.php ,has some server variables in it which are used in the end in Header function to redirect to index.php if the user is not logged in already .

Here is the links to source code

So , I hope i have laid my problem well enough for you guys here to help me out .hoping for a workable solution soon!!
Thank you .

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