length is null or not an object error in IE8

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length is null or not an object error in IE8

Postby jebaraj747 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:27 pm

I have added an validation script for Pizza menu. Validation working fine in all browsers except IE.
When I working in IE8 it throws an error "length is null or not an object error in IE8".
Please help me. See Java script code below:
function UnCheckRadios(radioButtonGroupName)

var formName = "frmOrder";
var form = document.forms[formName];
var noOfRadioButtons=form[radioButtonGroupName].length;
for(var x=0;x<noOfRadioButtons;x++)


PHP code:
<input type="radio" id="<?=$subitem['subgroup_id'];?>_comboleft" name="<?=$subitem['subgroup_id'];?>_comboleft" value="<?=$subitem['id'];?>:Left Side" onclick="UnCheckRadios('<?=$subitem["subgroup_id"];?>_combowhole');">

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