Can anyone check this code for me .....

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Sun May 30, 2004 2:30 am

I having this problem that my option value rite, example...
i going to choose Kuala lumpur from the option value, so i want the user to click on Kuala lumpur then it will appear the Kuala Lumpur page, so does my code correct?.....Can anyone out there teach me?....if can thank you so much!!!!!

<title>Welcome to Fly Asia</title>
<div align = "center">
<p><font size = "medium">We would like to invite you to explore and discover
the best kept secrets of Malaysia from the finest beaches to historical cities, also
from the architectural wonders to creative handcrafts.</font></p>
<p><font size = "medium">Below are some of the beautiful scene from the Malaysia.</font></p>
<td><img src = "preview1.GIF"></td>
<td><img src = "preview3.GIF"></td>
<td><img src = "preview4.GIF"></td>
<td><img src = "preview5.GIF"></td>
<p><font size = "large">So..Do you think is beautiful and worth it to enjoy your holiday in Malaysia???
Don't think anymore, faster can and explore our destination in Malaysia....!!!!</font></p>
<form action = "#" method = "post" name = "selector">
<select name = "place">
<Option value = "select">[Select a destination]</Option>
<Option value = "Alor"><a href = "">Alor Setar</a></option>
<Option value = "johor">Johor Bharu</option>
<Option value = "KL">Kuala Lumpur</option>
<Option value = "Kota">Kota Bharu</option>
<Option value = "KK">Kota Kinabalu</option>
<Option value = "KT">Kuala Terengganu</option>
<Option value = "L">Labuan</option>
<Option value = "K">kuching</option>
<Option value = "Lang">Langkawi</option>
<option value = "M">Miri</option>
<Option value = "P">Penang</option>
<Option value = "S">Sandakan</option>
<Option value = "si">Sibu</option>
<Option value = "T">Tawau</option>

Oleg Butuzov
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Last Samuray
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Sun May 30, 2004 3:24 am


Code: Select all

function MM_jumpMenu(targ,selObj,restore)
        if (restore) selObj.selectedIndex=0;


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<select  onchange="MM_jumpMenu('parent',this,0)">
<option value="" selected="selected">blah blah blah</option>
<option value="" >Portfolio</option>

try it

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