dynamic webpages & php architecture

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dynamic webpages & php architecture

Postby nikeman77 » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:06 am

hi guys,

i am pretty new to web designing, :help: i am trying to pass the web authoring to the end user. is there anyway that php can support? i heard that (not sure if its true, dont spam me..) php can be used to embedded html where all my *.csv files resides (for the layout purpose), after which php will pull all relavent information from the database (not sure if ms access can support, but sure i know mySql can) and display for web author or end user who surf the web like you and me.

is my assumptions right? if so i had a template(*.html) file which is currently working already and would like to include them into php file, so that all web contents can be editted for non-it savvy, as i understand the olden methods would be to edit them in html source code.. or using some web editting/ designing tools (eg: dreamweaver)

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