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Desperate - Simple Website

Postby kevin.irving82 » Sat May 13, 2006 6:03 am

Hi I'm having a bad day :(

I'm pretty new to php and have been slowly working through it at university. I have recently had a huge technical problem at home and have lost everything but unfortunately dont have a enough understanding to get back to where I was (almost finished). To make matters worse my assignment has to be in on Thursday.

Is it possible that someone is available to Have a go at this. It is (should be) a really simple script for a Kennel Club which reads from a database and allows the user to select one variable and all matching results (in this case a cat or a dog). Similarly the next section allows the user to select a booking and write a review on a particular Pet handlera save it

The database fields are provided along with the assignment criteria ... IS601B.doc

Site currently:

Any help would be more than appreciated

Kevin Irving

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