Would someone like to take this on ? fancy a challange ?

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Fri Mar 17, 2006 8:34 am

Hi - Thanks fin advance for taking time to read this: Basically my Skill in PHP are limited - Im more UNIX & Oracle admin - anyway

If you're interested in taking this a project on for me ? I am willing to pay you via paypal if reasonable.

The senario :-

I want a web page - like this http://www.momentumpictures.co.uk/flash/#main

I want clients to be able to upload there adverts onto the site, the site will randomly display the Advert in the fashion in the flash site above.

I would also Like clients to be able to pay via paypal for the privelige - so - paypal - upload advert - display advert for a specified period.

If you are willing to take this on - please email me on ian.mckenna@macanet.com and we'll talk more

Kindest regards Ian

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