Help wanted with Computer Inventory Database

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Mon Jun 07, 2004 2:20 am

Hi Guys

I have seen the way some of these companies keep their Computer Inventory, its all over the place, not updated. And the Iventory databases I have tried out they are ok but most of them only allow you for example to add 1 Hard Drive to each PC, while some pcs will have 2 hard drives and then you can't record that the PC has 2 hard drives.

Some companies work in departments or areas so you want to be able to put computers that are in 1 department into the category of that department and computers in another department into their category. Also needs reports that are able to tell you what software is loaded on PCs either all computers or in the different departments etc. Also needs to be able to have input for printers, scanners, digital cameras, software product keys etc.

So I have decided to create up a Computer Inventory Database that is web based in PHP / MySQL.

Because I don't have alot of experience in PHP / MySQL and don't have alot of money, I was wanting to know if anyone is interested in getting a group together over the internet where we plan it out the strutcture and code it all test it out, so we all put in ideas and different layouts, coding etc.

Then after its all completed I was thinking someone could take over the responsiblity of either selling it to clients or making it open-source.

I am prepared to setup on my website access to mysql database, ftp access, Webspace, Subdomain where we can upload it and all of use can test the features and give feedback.

I have got a few different ideas and things that we could do.

Anyone can help even if you do just graphic design because we will probably need some graphics done for icons, login pages etc. Anybody with any experience in PHP / MySQL.

If you would like more information or would like to help out in some way either respond in the thread or email me

Hope to here from some of you guys soon.


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