Short job: Data.txt into Table

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Short job: Data.txt into Table

Postby DutchHydro » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:18 pm

Hi there,

I am facing a problem makin a php script for my education as a hydrographer. I am looking for somewan that can help me with this in a short period with this. If u want to make a agreement u can contact me at my skype: Dutch.Hydro

I need to load data.txt file in to array which is shown by a table with 2 lists. a part of the data file looks like this:

:00 :10 :20 :30 :40 :50
15:00 68 84 99 113 126 130
16:00 147 156 163 168 172 175
17:00 177 177 177 174 171 167

The 15:00 and :10 for example are showing a measured value of 68 at 15:10. So i hope its possible for somewan to make a script that can read the txt file that is attached and can make the data shown in a table with 1 array showing the time and another showing the meassured value.

I already made some kind of interface which is able to show the data.txt file. So the next step is to get the right data out of the file (date time)array, (meassured value)array into a table shown like.

time value
15:00 68
15:10 84
15:20 99


I hope somewan can help me with this problem because i am stuck at the moment with to less time and knowledge.

p.s. The next step is to put the information into a graph but for the moment I only need a table. We might discuss later steps. I also noticed i cannot upload the data.txt file to this forum, please contact my skype

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