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RPG Browsergame

Postby Shogun » Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:42 pm

Hi there!

Sorry my English is not the best :) I'm from Germany ;)

My name is Louis and 23 years young. , I've been a long time with the game programming. I have already gone through in a MMORPG project and me even now. To a browser game
This is a fantasy browser RPG game, what should the player have the opportunity to get tips without PCs and their advantages mmorpg feeling which offer many great 3d online games nowadays. Of course, you must make clear smears and many things are simplified. But still I want to try as much as possible to implement.
As the game is being developed:
It is all developed in different languages. So who is interested should definitely be familiar with one or more of the following languages:
Java Script

What is all planned out and what are the specifics?:
As already mentioned, it is 3d mmorpg feeling for people without tips Pcs.
The heated once every typical role-playing game features. This starts already that needs everybody to upload your own image of his character having to pay for (or one of our examples) without it. So each character can be designed individually and then all the better maybe YOU stay in memory 

Another special thing is the race selection. There are 6 breeds available. These races are bitter enemies, and therefore it is not possible to talk (vll as the premium function) of a new battle of the nations where it comes to a valuable diamonds are starting every month to his people a nice bonus.

Since we are already in another Interesting point. And these are the mass slaughter. This should especially like the strategists and team players. Great Battles of several hundred players will be there no problem. Be it guild battles or even the racial battles.

Of course you can be alone. One can then enlisted as mercenaries and so gain fame and glory on the battlefield. There are a lot of missions by the king and you can leave on monster hunt on the frontier.

But a special treat to be even the instance menu. As in big 3d massively multiplayer online games you should be able to enter certain instances with his level with a group of 5 people or also in some with 10 Easy to do with friends or a couple of strange get together and go on hunting monsters. This powerful boss monsters waiting, but just as nice rewards.
The only hint of what was all set goals. The plan is also a rune system, chat, housing, companion and much more!

What's been done:

I am almost daily at work. But many things give me a headache again and it is still a lot of work.

Nevertheless, I have done it much. However, I'm still attached to the graphics and the design.

The home pages are all finished. Be it the screenshot page, or for the tutorial video and the forum.
In addition, the registration system is ready. What is, one can select his world, race, name, email, password, etc. Then there is an e-mail that must be acknowledged. Then you can log in without any problems. What you just go on the character page. This is now done already to 80%. Just a few more database connections.

The chat is finished. While you can write only with his race colleagues. But there are still 2-3 more planned rooms that still need to be added.

Profile page is done where the player can upload his photos and a description.

Massive private system is ready. Where messages can only be sent to members of the breed here. (By simple definition of cohesion is to be increased. Well as you can to make a name not only for his own race, but also feared on the enemy side.) But even here 3 info mailboxes are added.

Also the notebook is already finished.
The city and the border of the country are those that are already started, only the functions are missing.
The statistics is done and all we need to query the appropriate database.
Inventory is also started by me, I just do not like it 

Also the first player vs. player combat scripts has been tackled. The procedure and formula, ever, and the first signs are posted.

What are the next steps:
The most important is first to finish writing character options. The heats a Functioning Inventory system. As well as the rune system. Then you can get down to the first battle scripts on. In addition, the city should be completed in principle with its functions so that it only needs to be expanded. And the borderlands. Then the guild system and battle system is planned and the racial battles. After missing basically just a small payment system to cover the ongoing costs.

What I am looking for:
Seeking been smeared nice people have the desire to support me.
Once I am looking for:
Game Tester (player)

What I offer:

Once who is interested in the game, gets lasting benefits.
Is mentioned in the Kreators.
Must be used only as a reference.
Fun in the team on a game to work!

There are several ways to contact me. In the forum I'm more rare way to switch just to contradict information online.
So I'm best at: camertus@gmx.de reach.
Or via Skyp: lseidl12

Would be very happy just to get an e-mail.
Otherwise, I hope you could give an insight 



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