Zero Knowledge, urgent need, easy request help asap!

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Zero Knowledge, urgent need, easy request help asap!

Postby jojosjuaninhas » Wed May 02, 2012 3:24 pm

Hello everyone, im happy to join this forum as i hope to get help! :D

Im sorry for posting this so soon, its urgent, i could take hours reading the pages but i work too much and i barely have time to sleep 3 hours a day...i need to put my virtual store online soon, but for now im using a sales website, but for this website i need to code a simple template to display:

1. Background: ive made a custom one that i need to outofill the page no matter what size it is *i wonder if php can do that for my Photoshop image...*
2. Header: my enterprise name with a drawing beside it
3. Section bar name(right after header), always same style, but with option to rewrite the name of the section, as i sell hundreds of items of various categories.
4. Item name+ material its made of + 6-8 dynamic images viewer beside each item name (u hoover mouse over, pics zoom on screen), perhaps ill put 100-300 items in one announcement (example: 200 korean necklaces), so all ill need is the name and a neat modern dynamic way of showing the pics beside each item name. All of these elements need to be easy to replace and set.
5. free hoster for the images, page itself (the sales website i use, allows user to use another website and view its content in it, to make it easier) - note i sell probably 500+ items, so ill use many pictures (i use jpeg but i know 500 jpegs would be heavy), so the hoster has to have high capacity for images.

Links of my other sites at the bottom of the page.

Thats ALL i need, nothing else for now, i need it quick cuz i need to open sales this month due to a few issues, i think my request is very easy and ill post my photoshop template once im done with everything.
I know everyone might be pissed off i know nothing bout php (ive learned some html, xhtml but im rusty at it). But only i know how important and urgent this is, so please consider this post.

You guys can copy n paste codes if you want ^-^, that way i can put my website online this week, thats my aim as ill use it this weekend for very important sales chance ive got...And i have dreamweaver, for me its easy if php is coded in it.

Ill be waiting for your guys reply, cheers!

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Re: Zero Knowledge, urgent need, easy request help asap!

Postby Nullsig » Thu May 03, 2012 5:44 am

This should be posted in the Jobs section.

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