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Fun Website

Postby Butters4life » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:57 am

I have owned my own site for roughly a year. I am looking for someone who would has some free time or is trying to get their name out there. I have some small things that I would like done to my website/I also would love some critique and if you have any recommendations we can talk about them and possibly have you do them. My site is the site is out there so that people can find good new music. There are a few admins. that have the capability of posting music they find from youtube, soundcloud, any sort of public music sharing websites.

Some things that I would like done is;
1.) for there to be a hit counter on the site however it will only appear on the admin part of the site, or only the admins get emailed the counter
2.) a comment section on the bottom of each song posted so that people can post music how they feel about the song
3.) possibly a little page clean up
4.) an e-commerce page (El-Tshirt page) where people can purchase shirts off my site. It will allow them to pay through Paypal only and calculate shipping into the cost

If anyone could help me with any of these things please email me back I would really really appreciate it. The site has not made any money yet so unfortunately I will not be able to pay anyone for this work yet however if someone can help me get this site out there and if the site does start making profit than the person helping me with this will get a more than decent payment.

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