Games voting script Paying good

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Games voting script Paying good

Postby Grinder » Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:24 pm


I own a Runescape private server,

I have my auto payment system in which when the payment is complete it adds a mysql query so the players can use it to get their items on the game. For some reason, my auto payment system stopped working now it shows Paypal IPN Validation Failed. I just use 4 files which are 'Paypal.class, Paypal.class.php, Subscribe.php' and ofcourse a db.php 4 lines. I do not know why this is occuring It doesn't add a mysql query at this time if you can help me fix it I will pay good.

Next thing I want which is I'm paying hundreds for it depending on the quality, A voting page something like

If you can make such system with 3 buttons instead of 4 and I want a good design will be good. The price is on how secure the system of voting is like maybe players can just change ip and keep on voting and getting items or just deleting the cookie I want it stable as much as possible. I have a one site voting script so you can have it and easily code the other one I'm very sure it is easy.

Please reply on what you can do of those 2 and your email or just add my msn "" I prefer you send me an email cause I check my hotmail every 1-2 hours.

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