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Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:05 am

I need a script for a project which will do the following, (similar to

users can put in what there looking for in a form. Once they have added all the items they want it would search a data base for the best price. Then the top company with the best price would be on top and then other companies underneath (maybe have various sorting methods, price, rating etc)

Once the customer decides on a merchant they can click a button to send the order to the sales department for that company.

Thats the base of it, the would be some admin like companies would have to register upload prices, you can save your search and register.

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Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:37 am

So you need multiple scripts for the project?

One that allows a merchant to upload a CSV of their current prices.
One that allows a user to search the database for items by description and category
One that allows both users and merchants to register
One that can submit orders directly to multiple merchants to multiple methods
More than likely you will need one that will allow a registered user to view recent transactions
One that will allow you to save and retrieve searches
One that will allow modification of contact information for registered users

This is a much more complex project that even you may realize.

What is your timeline for release?
What does the job pay?
Are there any additional requirements that haven't yet been determined?
What Database System will you be utilizing?
Has the Database Structure been decided or does the programmer have to do that?
Has your site been designed graphically or do you need someone with design skills as well?
Once the above described job is completed how will the site be maintained?
Does a CMS need to be set up to allow administration of the site?


Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:18 am

yes it would need all those functions,

I would need to have access to the backend.

There is no database at the moment. I have all the images. The companies would download a sheet from the site with the items on it, then they would enter their prices in it and upload. Later we would crawl the site or use a affliate system like go compare.

Design I can do
Timeline is flexible
Database would be SQL, or what the developer recommends?
I will maintain the site, the project will be ongoing but for now the site's functions just need to work.
Future developments will be required.

What sort of price am i looking at?

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Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:11 pm

Price to Hire a Full time team of about 10 coders for 6 months at a minimum. I do a fair amount with A&D, and this is not the type of thing that a person or partners do. It takes a corporation. Here is a run down of the steps

Analyst and you sit down for many meetings (Depending on how pickey you are this could be months)
Analyst compiles requirements and sends to Developer
Developer spends months figuring out how to meet the requirements set forth by the Analyst.
Developer Sends Detailed Project outline to Analyst and Analyst reviews it with you. This loop continues (and the debt piles up) until there is a clear step by step plan.
Developer sends code to the programmers who start working on this. There might be a senior developer that breaks things down so an OO approach can be taken (better but costly and then you have to have OO programmers, they do not come cheap)
Coders then code to the design.
Once there is a working program it goes to QA where it is tested to ensure it meets the specs provided. If there are any errors it could go all the way back up to the Analyst, then trickle back down to the coders.
QA then sends the completed project after you have paid for it.

Be prepared to drop six figures plus for this.
Considering OO programmers make over $40 an hour and thats the lowest paid position in this.
Next unless you have a script that can compare website prices (once again $^3), you have to convince other sites to pay you to "advertise" for them. Getting a clientbase of customers is hard and until you have a client base no company will pay you.
Also there might be Copyright issues if you take their prices for their item with sku of ... and link to their site.

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