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Forum to require and offer php jobs. Are you searching for php developers to make or complete your php script ? This place is for you.

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Postby ax5 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:06 am

So im looking for some one that make me a small php script.

So what i need is.
A php script on my site where users that login and want to buy a product, if a user clicks on buy then thay will be sent to paypal and there thay pay for the product, when the amount has been payed then the account, then the users account, the php script will enter the database of the user and activate the product they payd for.

So its'
Buy ---> Send amount to buy to my paypal account ---> send back to my site ---> php script edits the user account ---> activates the product in database

does some one know any script that does this or that can make this ? so it's easy for me to add to my site.
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