Programer wanted. See details.

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Programer wanted. See details.

Postby KOAK » Fri Jan 10, 2003 6:30 pm

I own a game and it is currently located at and I am looking for someone to help code more of the game, fix bugs, and help develop it into the new stages. If you think you would be good at this job, show me you have the skills, and I might consider making you the next admin! Game had over 300 members in just over a month, but was shut down due to a host situation, we lossed a lot of our newer updates, but I have put the game back up, and updated a little, no members because I want the game to be all fixed and working good befor we advertise it again.. Let me know!

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Joan Garnet
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Postby Joan Garnet » Sat Jan 11, 2003 1:40 am

I couldn't see any demo :(
Why don't you show us a little demo or screenshots.
Would be great to know which technologies you use to program the game.

The page has some php mysql errors...

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