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Open-Source PHP project looking for developers

Postby Smejko » Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:35 am

Hi guys,

some time ago, a project called The Human Portal ( has been established. This project combines knowledge from several health-related areas, while trying to help a person to find the most ideal route in life to full physical and mental health. It is an experiment that currently concentrates on food and meals with regards to person's blood type, chinese traditions, for example wu-ginx organ hours, 5 elements, meal types (warming, cooling) and so on.

The goal of this project is currently to provide a database of food items and recipes with the focus put on the above-mentioned parameters, so they meet the needs of each individual person and personality using this system.

Project is already planned and the database filled-in, we are now in need of programmers able and willing to create the user interface for people to use the project.

If you feel the urge to do something for this world and people in it, you can work in PHP, MySQL (and perhaps also jQuery), please respond via this e-mail form:

You can also review the project Roadmap here, to get a better understanding what it is all about:

With smile and regards,
Smejko :-)

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