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Postby JVermolen » Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:29 pm

Hello readers,

Before you start thinking "Do we really need another social network?" please read down below, cause yes we do!
Just take a look at facebook:
You are stuck to the Facebook template and CSS, you have a little chat box, some information, you can add pics etc, but really something fun, no.
Now look at tagged, okay they have adaptable CSS, you can put your blocks everywhere you like, but still it is more of a website for some (***) girls and it still looks awfull.
then we look at twitter, just short messaging, little addaptive CSS.

So enough of that examples. Now i dont say there totally bad, but i want to make it bigger and greater.I want to have:
  • Highly addaptive CSS with user friendly API
  • Private chat box
  • content block placement
  • Private and public messaging system
  • write testimonials about your friends
  • show your respect to friend and his pics and write comment on pics and blogs
  • really friendly User control panel
  • friendly admin panel
  • all kinds of profiles (normal, for couples, famillies, compagnies) and a non paid en paid version of all.
  • support service (real quick)
More features will be posted on my own forum, where also you can register and post your ideas.

Also there will be a topic about working on this social network and sponsoring this project. So go to my website!

Wit kind regards,

Jeroen Vermolen

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