How do I record a video with my webcam?

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Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:42 am

OK, friends and neighbors, here is my question. How do I record a video with my webcam?

I know how to post a video on line, both on Youtube and also using opensource code on my personal web site. But how does one go about recording a video? I have all the hardware now. I used to have a webcam that only worked on XP but now I have upgraded. I have bought a web cam for my new VISTA computer.

I am sure there are some web masters out there that know how to do this. It must be a common thing. It must be an easy thing. I mean, there are many people who decide it is cool to ramble on about stupid meaninglessness and record it and post it to YouTUbe. So, how is it done? Is it as simple as finding the right feature of the VISTA operating system that allows you to do it?

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