Would anyone like to do my homework?

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Would anyone like to do my homework?

Postby Knight » Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:18 pm

If anyone is bored and would like to write up the code for this for me i would greatly appreciate it.

Case study

Harry Highpants runs A1 Fitness - a successful personal trainer business for high income professionals. He employs a number of fitness consultants who visit high powered executives to evaluate their fitness and health status, risk factors, and to recommend a program for them to either stay fit, get fit or both.

Busy executives find Harry’s approach fits in well with their busy lifestyles. As a result Harry has carved out a lucrative niche market and is into an expansion phase.

Harry’s success has largely depended on:
1) being able to visit clients at their place of work or residence for the fitness program
2) prompt and professional service
3) competitive pricing

Harry would now like to be at the cutting edge in the way he runs his business and would like to add more business functions in his continuing pursuit of quality improvement and value adding like :
1) provide on the spot health and fitness evaluations and recommended fitness program
2) centralise storage of all quotations back to a central server at the time of quoting either by email or saving to a MySQL database
3) email a copy of the quote to the client from the mobile device at the time of the consultation

He would like to create a program that could allow his consultants to enter data about a client and receive feedback immediately on submitting the request with their mobile device. This is then shown to the prospective client as well as emailed to him/her to confirm the quotation. This is what he would like to do:

- Enter client firstname, surname, address, email address
- Enter client weight, height and waist circumference.
- Send details of the input data to the web server, return an evaluation/quotation and store quote details for future reference and business analysis.
- Feedback received from the server should include the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the individuals, what health/fitness band they are in and how many sessions per week is required to bring them up to a required fitness level. You also need to price the sessions eg. $60 per hour in your quote.

- BMI is calculated as follows: BMI = weight (kg) / (height (m) x height (m))
Eg. A male weighing 86kg and standing 1.75m tall, with a waist circumference of 95 cm, has

BMI = 86/(1.75x1.75) = 28.08
Rating: Overweight. Healthy BMI is 25 or less.
Waist Size risk: increased
Sessions: 2 per wk for 3 months, then 1 per wk.
Duration: 30 minute sessions.
Cost: $45 per session

BMI Calculator: BMI Related Disease
BMI Rating Waist Size
<= 100cm in men or 89 cm in women >= 100cm in men or 89 cm in women
<=18.5 Underweight Not applicable Not applicable
18.5 – 24.9 Normal Weight Not applicable Not applicable
25 – 29.9 Overweight Increased High
30 – 34.9 Obese High Very High
35 – 39.9 Obese Very High Very High
> 40 Extremely obese Extremely High Extremely High

The Solution
PART A – Software Module

1 Planning and Design (20 marks)

a) Use a correctly formatted flowchart(s) or pseudocode to represent the algorithm required to calculate the quotation and save data. Use annotations in the design to explain how the algorithm works. (3 marks)

b) Summarise the data structures required in the solution (e.g. integers, floating point/real, tables, records, databases) (2 marks)

c) Outline the naming conventions you will use in the solution. (1 marks)

d) Produce a detailed hand drawn design of the onscreen for the software. It should indicate such features as size, position, colour, fonts (typefaces, sizes, styles), number formatting etc (3 marks)

e) Explain how the hardware and software features of the device will be used to allow efficient data entry. (2 marks)

f) Summarise the data validation that will be required to ensure that data inputs are reasonable. (2 marks) For example:

Data to check Type of check Details of check
Height Type
Existence Must be numeric
Must be in range 1 to 2.5 metres
Must exist

g) List the criteria by which you will evaluate the success of the finished software. (2 marks)

h) Briefly explain how the constraints of the portable computing device have affected your design decisions. What limitations does this portable device place on your solution compared to a standard desktop device? (2 marks)

i) List all the data validation required in the software solution. (3 marks)

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