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Alexej Kubarev
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Thu Jan 13, 2005 4:18 am


I dont really know if someone is interested in this, but Zend Studio 4 Beta is out! You will need to register on Zends website... when you download it you will get $50 discount on a new version of Zend Studio..

Right now its a Beta and therefore free...
It has some grat new features and, ofcource, lot's of improvements..

Here is whats new:

SQL Support:

* Supports MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite and PostgreSQL
* Easy to use Connection Setup Dialog for connecting to SQL servers or flat-file databases, like SQLite
* Visual Display for databases, schemas, tables, fields, stored procedures and indexes in an SQL explorer tree
* Tabular results display area that can display multiple results
* Metadata viewing for each of the server's elements
* Table data viewing and editing
* Query Editor for user-specified queries
* Message Area for viewing messages from the connected servers
* Maintains a history of queries that persist across Zend Studio runs
* Textual, Hexadecimal and Image viewer for viewing BLOBs and CLOBs
* Paging mechanism for large result sets
* Ability to kill server processes
* Syntax Highlighting, supporting ANSI SQL92 has been enriched with many other extensions
* Customizable SQL explorer behavior, as well as Date formatting, automatic use of LIMIT keyword and more

Code Snippets:

* View and use Zend's Code Gallery directly from within Zend Studio via an easy-to-use user interface
* Easily update Code Snippets on demand or add your own

PHPDoc Support:

* Syntax highlighting for PHPDoc comments
* Code Completion for PHPDoc tags in PHPDoc comments
* Code Completion for variables in PHPDoc comments
* Enhanced and detailed PHPDoc pop-up window for Code Completion
* Ability to add PHPDoc comments ('Add Description' action) to files, classes, class variables, constants and functions
* Keep backward compatibility to PHPDoc tag '@desc'

PHPDocumentor Support:

* Generate professional documentation directly from Zend Studio using PHPDocumentor utility
* Advanced and convenient internal wizard for creating PHP documentation

Smart Goto Source:

* Right clicking on various elements in the code allows navigating to the element's declaration
* Pressing CTRL and moving the mouse cursor over various elements enables one click direct navigation to the element's declaration
* Supports navigation to: classes, class elements (constants, regular and static properties, regular and static methods), functions, constants (via 'declare' keyword), included files and more...

Improved Features:

Code Completion & Inspectors:

* Added constructors and destructors in the Code Completion window
* Added support for the 'const' keyword in Code Completion and Inspectors
* Added support for static variables in the Code Completion window
* Added support for ‘self' keyword in the Code Completion window
* Added support for object methods whose type is hinted in the catch clause
* Added support for class variables whose type is hinted in '@var' tag in PHPDoc comment
* Fixed bug - wrong Code Completion popup for parameters passed by reference
* Fixed bug - Preference option 'Determine object type from other files' from the Code Completion tab did not work


* Added Firewall/NAT traversal
* Added displaying of array sizes in the Variables window & Watches window
* Added displaying of negative array indexes in the Variables window and Watches window
* Added support for viewing private array variables


* Profiled file path format has been improved
* Sorting utility has been enhanced


* Added support for FTP server alias names
* Added support FTP servers with file listing beginning with "../" or "./"
* Added support FTP with absolute symbolic links
* Improved support for corrupted files in FTP "listing"
* Fixed bug with SFTP and anonymous login
* Fixed bug with SFTP - Could not be executed when FTP over SSH was selected but not configured
* Various speed improvements


* Added an option in Preferences which allows for setting the CVS_RSH environment variable


* Redesigned an intuitive Print dialog
* Added support for printing in color
* Added support for printing page numbers
* Added support for printing the document name as a page header
* Added support for printing page border
* Added ability to control the print orientation (Portrait / Landscape)
* Added ability to control the text wrapping in the printed output
* Added support for printing line numbers
* Added support for printing selected text
* Added "Style Printing" option

CSS Support:

* Added CSS Syntax Highlighting (compatible with CSS2)
* Added a separate CSS file type (no longer under the html file types)

XML Support:

* Added XML Syntax Highlighting


I dont know how about you, but im using Zend 3.5.2 And really happy with it... so why dont you go and try it out :) After all... right now its free :)
Best Regards,
Alexej Kubarev
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Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:03 pm

It's free for like 5 months.. check it out. I installed it but haven't messed with it.. looks spiffy keen.. lets see if it runs better than 3.x

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