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Postby Trina » Thu Oct 31, 2002 6:02 pm

What is it in long terms??

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SSI - Server Side Includes

Postby bgoode » Fri Nov 01, 2002 6:09 pm


SSI - Server Side Includes - refer to the ability to include bits of code held in various files on a server in your web pages.

For instance, any header and footer information that occurs on all of your pages could be included on those pages by a SSI. Instead of having to update however many pages you have on your site everytime you change any of that information you only have to edit it in the header.txt and footer.txt files. This would be no big deal on a smaller site, but imagine if you have hundreds of pages. Any information that may be repeated in various places in your site may be better held in it's own text file and SSI the info into the pages where they need this info.

Hope that helps,


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Postby WiZARD » Sat Nov 02, 2002 1:18 am

Trina wrote:What is it in long terms??

bgoode is right!
And once more addition info about SSI
t's like programm at PHP, ASP, Perl JSP, etc. but your server generate clear HTML. Use this you can manipulate DB, images, and other info.

But any SSL need correct set in computer, cause somebody can use your mistakes

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