We split 50 50 on bitcoin poker site

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We split 50 50 on bitcoin poker site

Postby iwanttolearnphp » Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:32 pm

How do I integrate ?

I have poker mavens gold 4 .

I have ssd server .

I have domain pointing at server.

I have landing page created in psd, Branding logo for all the tables, logo etc gfx everything one needs.

Been scammed three times and will just have to learn php myself or find the code online.

Or perhaps one of you fine gents and ladys can help me along my way. Maybe this will help

Poker Mavens has an API for communicating with external programs. You don't need the source code to integrate bitcoin. You handle that on your web site, and then use the API to add or subtract chips to individual accounts. Show your programmer the API docs:

http://www.briggsoft.com/docs/pmavens/T ... erface.htm

my skype is asf071986

i will give half of all house fees to the php coder that contacts and integrates design and external api with bitcoin

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