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[Recruitment] AquaFlame.NET - FREE

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[Recruitment] AquaFlame.NET - FREE

Postby FailZorD » Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:52 pm

Hello PHP-Forum members. Today I am looking to re-continue AquaFlame.NET As all of you might know it's a CMS Website for World of Warcraft. Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 are out and i need some people to help.

I want to create one of the best CMS that you can find these days. (Blizzlike and Non-Blizzlike) - We host our own site and demo and we have a Decent Gaming Dedicated Server. (But to host a website, duh...)

What are the current Specs?

Intel Xeon CPU E31230 @3.20GHz (8 Processors),
500GB of Disk Space
100GB on Backup.
500MBps U/D Internet Speed

What am I looking for?

*Website Developers.
People with video editing skills to do commercial work.
*People with Photoshop and Digital Design knowledge, able to work.
*People with great knowledge in Servers and Networking
*People with great knowledge on PHP, HTML5 & CSS3, OOP Structure.

Marks with * have high priority, so please spam me with these requests.

I own a decent, acceptable .org domain for this project, which is easy to remember, easy to type and makes sense.
Bought for this project.

Thanks for reading, and questions is more than welcome, even though there might be some I won't be able to answer.

- Also keep negative comments away, unless it really makes great sense to say it out loud. Thank you.
- Keep in mind that this is a Free Project and we don't get paid. We are doing it for fun and for the good of the Free Community.
- If you would like to contact me for any information based on the Project please add me on skype: alex-simitis
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