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Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:54 am

Hey friends,how are you doing.I'm developer husain a developer in India, Lucknow. I had lot of experiences in my developing,Some were heartbreaking,some were as joyous as if i had trillion money offer. I know all of you guys are developers,some awesome ones, some new ones and some very experienced. So please do share your experiences in developing. I will also post my experiences.

One of my experiences is two years back when i was a beginner trying to submit a small form. I had put in query in the form that if the form was submitted it would redirect to my website. But even after 10 days there were errors mysql syntax error frustating me. At last i did a change and thought to myself that if this did not work out i would leave my developer job. I submitted form and hoped it would redirect to my website and not show me another syntax error. And to my joy it did redirect. I felt like i have touched moon. That form redirect helped me continue the career of developing and now after two years i have built over 200 + forms. And now i create forms in 10 minutes time. And nowadays i don't need to check if its redirecting or not. So friends you also tell your experiences

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