Developers:Setting the Pace and New Technology

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Developers:Setting the Pace and New Technology

Postby KnowKnowing » Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:21 am

Hi everyone my name is Collins. Today I want to talk about us,developers, and how being the creators and inventors of new technology that change lives and how people do things, we are constantly challenged to be the best we can be, because if it were not for people like us, we wouldn't even be here today talking about php and stuff.I'd like to personally thank all developers and computer scientists,just anyone out there who has contributed to the state of technology today ,thank you all, Rasmus, Zeev, Andi, Wozniac, Gates, Netscape, Turing, Boole, Newman and many others thanks guys. It's our ability to act on such challenges that enable us to take our creativity to the next level changing lives as we go. So, how many of us out there are really trying to push the boundary,because, we can talk about Patterns, PHP, Object and blah blah all day but continue doing the same old things, not ever using that knowledge to change lives, because thats the one thing that we are supposed to be good at. How do we change the way people do things and think,with this knowledge,thats the question people. So if you are reading this and you have an idea about how you (we) can change the state of web technology or part of it, don't be ashamed to post your ideas, we are open to new ideas, its these ideas that change lives and us.For me its how to create an inter-operable web, centered around communities and people, where I can visit one site, view and post content on other sites ,and it'll be like i never even left the site. I know site out there including php-forum rely on adverts, the inter-operable web will allow adverts on one site,whether targeted or not to be transfered to another site when users view content on the other sites. The users site may allow this or not, but limiting this and other functions in the inter-operable site,leads to consequences such as,for users to update content on the other websites they have to navigate to that site.
That was just a rough picture, promise to come up with a real specification of my inter-operable web. I know people we'll be saying, that web services already solve that problem,the thing is web services use proprietary and non-standard XML messages to communicate, this architecture will warrant the use of standard interfaces and messages, think of socket and plugs, where there exists a socket for every component of a site, e.g search,forum,et.c all you have to do is learn how to build plugs for the feature you want and then you just plug it on the fly to any search component of any website the user wants. I can't say am someone who is on the front line in terms of new technology but if you are reading this and you know of a similar functionality please do tell. As you might have guessed this architecture will borrow much from web services.
Like I said this is a rough picture promise to come up with more specs as I continue to refine the idea. Suggestions and comments are welcomed with arms wide open.(And I just quoted Creed. ''WEIRD!".
Collins Ochieng.

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