4 Tips for Project Development:

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4 Tips for Project Development:

Postby kapitoshka » Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:48 am

1. Technical specification - One of the most important initial actions to be done before the development process is started is to create a technical specification for the product requirements. The specification determines all the requirements to the functionality part, expected load, layout etc. Technical specification creation helps the end client to completely realize what does he really need, what features are the most valuable for him, so the expenses on unimportant things will be avoided. Further, the specification existence helps to make the development process well determined and planned.
2. Technology - When it is absolutely known what the project requires, the important step is to determine the technology that allows to most efficiently implement the functinality part as well as to completely satisfy all the requirements to the application's performance speed and load resistance. Be careful at this stage, oftenly poeple fail their projects down before they have been really developed by the reason of the wrong technoloty choice.
3. Planning - Planning is of majour importance to a project because it involves doing something that has not been done before. Plan everything as careful as you can with the service providers you are going to work on the project. As better all the objectives, resources, time frames etc are planned as more efficiently the project delivery will be.
4. Development - After all the preparations are done it is the time to start project development. Be concentrated on the plan you have composed before, follow toughly all the setup milestones. A usual problem is when project gets out of the control by the reason of not following the plan during the project development. Daily interractions between the team members are very important so everyone knows what stage the projec is at the moment. Daily briefings are required to discuss what has been done yesterday, and what is expected to implement next day. Full control on the development process shold be kept during the time the project being developed.


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