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Wed Jun 14, 2006 6:45 pm


I've built a CMS ... I need to be able to upload images, however for that to happen, I need to cmod the images directory 777 no? What type of danger am I opening myself to if I keep the directory open with those sort of permissions?

If I FTP I can set the folder permissions, from php the cmod function does nothing. Any suggestions for how I can allow uploading without keeping a folder open with 777 permissions?

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Wed Jun 14, 2006 7:52 pm

keep a folder below the public_html for your images that will allow you to have a little safer 777 folder. Only other way around that is to run the webserver as the user.

Check out or

note: for suPHP and suEXEC to work you must be using the CGI version of php..

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