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Coding Gurus,
I am primarily a data/applications integrator, not a PHP developer. I have a need to create a POC for a 3rd-party add-in to an existing PHP-based web site. Overall, I need to create simple CRUD forms for this POC based on the 3rd-party's MySQL database model that has several many-to-many relationships. I've looked at PHPGenerator (SQLMaestro) as a possibility because of the ease in which I can integrate their form outputs with the existing PHP website--including the CSS/HTML design, however, I don't see an obvious way to gracefully display the columns needed, while "hiding" those that will need to be populated, but would be confusing to the end users if displayed.

For example, I have person entity with a person-address-assoc to an address entity. A person would have 0 addresses at the start, perhaps 2 at first insert--a mailing address and a physical-- then over time, perhaps another physical address. In each of these CRUD events, I would need to insert the personId and addressId keys into the person-address-assoc table, but the end-user doesn't need to see that on the input window.

Is there a PHP script generator out there that can manage this better, or can PHPGenerator handle this--but I simply don't know enough about the product to find the reference in their online manual?

Has anyone used any of the PHP script generators out there--and if so, which would you recommend?
Kind regards,
Paula DiTallo

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