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Tue May 01, 2018 10:00 am

Is this a use for a variable variable?

I am setting up an app to use on a LAN . Security is not an issue.

Because the app must be multi lingual I want to use URL variables in the user's language. The user is actually encouraged to manipulate the URL variables as needed.

So my URL in English would look like

My (same) URL in Spanish would look like

Let me say as. Do not think k accented characters will work in a URL variable this way we will drop all accents.

Now I need to be able to define a single variable (variable variable?) For not only the translation of word yes/no but the condition or value as well . Is thiis a use for a variable variable and how would I attain this? Obviously I would GET from previous page and there is a variable defining language and language tables.

But let's say I need a new variable in the URL like day=Tuesday

How do I set the day corresponding to Tuesday (martes) as a variable ??

If ($lang='es')

elseif ($lang='en')


But what would be needed in between?



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