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Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:29 am


I've got a file where the user can select multiple values. When the user submits the form, those values are stored in a mysql database. Each value is a record. This works fine. What I can't make it work is when I retrieve those values from the database and try to display then into the select box so the user can edit them and store them again into the database.

This is how I store the values:


$tournamentid = $_POST[tournamentid];

$field_values_array = array (
'contest' => $_REQUEST['contest']

$mysql_rows = [];

foreach($field_values_array['contest'] as $memberid => $item) {
//here $memberid = 8, 3 etc, $item is array

foreach($item as $subItem) {
//here $subItem is FREE50, FREE100 etc
array_push($mysql_rows, [$memberid, $subItem]);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO participations (tournament,member,contest) VALUES ('$tournamentid','$memberid','$subItem')");


and the select box is:

<select multiple name='contest[$mid][]' class='e1' style='width:100%'>
<option value='test1'>test1</option>
<option value='test2'>test2</option>
<option value='test3'>test3</option>
<option value='test4'>test4</option>
<option value='test5'>test5</option>
<option value='test6'>test6</option>
<option value='test7'>test7</option>

I would be really appreciated if someone could help me.
Thanks in advance

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Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:09 am

i don't see you reading anything from the database, no SELECT statement. also you should consider switching to mysqli or PDO, the msql-functions you use will not work in newer versions of PHP.

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