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Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:09 pm

Hi, so my code works for the most part but no matter who I choose, if its the same course it tells me that the person is already enrolled, even if that student hasn't been yet. What am I missing?

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$student = "student.txt"; // text file for students and student number

//converting a string into a variable

$name = $_POST["name"];
$number = $_POST["snumber"];
$course = $_POST["pcourse"];

$found = 0;

// turning students into an array to read

$fileHandle = fopen($student, "r") or die ("Student file does not exist");

while($line=fgets($fileHandle)) {
  $list = explode(',',$line);

  if($name==$list[0] && $number == trim($list[1])) { //trim to remove whitespace in student number

    $found = 1;
    break; // break if found


// check to see if the course is found and if there are seats available

if($found==1) {

  $fileHandle = fopen("course.txt", 'r');
  while($line=fgets($fileHandle)) {

    $drop = explode('||',$line);

    if($drop[1]==$course) {

      $found = 2;  // course found
      if($drop[2]>0) {

        $found = 3;       // course has seats
        $toRep= $line;

} else {
  echo "Student could not be found.";

// if the course cannot be found

if($found ==1) {

  echo "The course cannot be found";
// if the course can be found but is full
if($found==2) {

  echo "The course is full";

// if the course is found and the student is found then check if the they have registered
if($found==3) {

  $eHandle = fopen("enrolled.txt",'r');

  while($line = fgets($eHandle)) {
    $drop = explode(',', $line); // turn into an array

    if(trim($drop[1])==$course) { // checking if the student is already registered for the course

      echo "You have already registered for the course.";
// if the student isn't registered in the course
$eHandle2 = fopen("enrolled.txt", 'a');

// write to load.txt the student number and the course code


// subtracting seats

$courseHandle = fopen('course.txt', 'r'); //open course text
$whole = file_get_contents('./course.txt');// read the whole file

$drop = explode('||', $toRep); // turning the course into an array

$count = (int)$drop[2];
$count = $count - 1; // make one seat less

$newStr = $drop[0]."||".$drop[1]."||".$count."\n";  // make a new string with new seat count

$whole =str_replace($toRep, $newStr, $whole); // replace the old text with new

$courseHandle2 = fopen('course.txt', 'w');
fwrite($courseHandle2, $whole); // overwrite the entire file.

echo  "Sucessfully Enrolled";

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Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:35 pm

Should you be checking name and course?

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if(trim($drop[1])==$course) { // checking if the student is already registered for the course

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