Getting json from google spreadsheet

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I've came across that problem. I needed to get data from an google spreadsheet as a json data and it came out it's not that simple. I've made an app that do exactly that. Maybe you want to use it, if you do I've made a few lines of introduction:

In many simple projects you don't need to configure database and setup entire backend. Instead you can use google spreadsheet, your clients already know how to use it. - it's an API for your google spreadsheet documents. I've also made composer library, check it on github - - setup that environment is 1 line in terminal and 3 lines in code editor.

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composer require sheetdb/sheetdb-php


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use SheetDB\SheetDB;

$sheetdb = new SheetDB('58f61be4dda40');
$response = $sheetdb->get();

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