cannot seem to retrieve html from db

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Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:08 am

Hi All

I hope my question isn't too silly... but I am having trouble retrieving html from a database.
When I look in the db table I can see the data in there something like:

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<p>This pupils can <em>speak</em> really well and ...... </p>

I am using tinymce to create some descriptions in a php/mysql db and using php to retrieve the info.

Now I am using a function in a library called phpdocx.

If I do this:

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$titlewf->embedHTML('<p>This pupils can <em>speak</em> really well and ...... </p>')
everything is fine. So I know that if I put properly formatted html into the function all is well.

I have created a query to retrieve the html from the db like this. The html is returned as $desrow['d']

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$desc = $conn->query($query3);
	while ($desrow = $desc->fetch_assoc()){
My problem comes when I put $bob into the function like this:

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As far as I can see $bob is identical to the '<p>This pupil....' as described above and so it should work

So something is wrong. I have tried

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but that didn't work.

Any tips very gratefully received.


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Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:14 pm

you have to look what the embedHTML() function does with the two strings.

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