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Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:13 am

Wow. That's quite a long question with quite a lot of acronyms that I rarely see PHP developers use. We tend to be a lazy lot when it comes to diagramming, etc., at least with small projects. To be honest, there really isn't such a thing as a "brief walkthru" to software design. But in the end what design methodology you use is up to you. If you really know what all those acronyms mean (I knew about half without looking them up), then you seem to have some background with them. If you're intent on using a rigid design methodology with an acronym for a name then what I recommend, really, is purchasing (or borrowing or renting, as they can be quite expensive) some software design textbooks. Find a methodology that suits you and stick to it. Most PHP books don't discuss higher-level things like that, but there are many software design books out there that are non-language-specific, and the principles can be applied to most any language.

Sorry I can't give you an overview, but it's just too broad a topic to describe well in this space. But do come back if you have more specific questions regarding PHP.

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Thu Jul 17, 2003 4:22 pm

hey Kinkikids,

i'm writing my own website from scatch too, you and i are having a lot in common, i'm in my last year of school too.... anyway, design an website seem very trivial at first, but as most of us when we start to develop something, we always assume that it's going to be basic, not a lot of functionalities, but the final product end up a mess because during the phase of writing code, we might want to add here and there a bit more.... like an animate picture or some sort...then you end up can't keep track of what you intentionally to do...
anyway, what i think you should do is narrow down what you want for your website, design a lay out first. how it should look purely html and if you want it look nicer like then you might add CSS along too.(these should look very pretty, like professional website) make sure that everything is display as you wanted. don't bother to the logical part until you satify of what your website should be. then come to the logical part, design database, and all other stuff.
i'm working on the logical part of my website now, and it seem very easy because you have your website layout already. the tedious part is the layout, becuase you need to layout where should the message be, the font, bold or not and all the other crap....

anyway, good luck

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