diy ipcam web interface problem

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diy ipcam web interface problem

Postby amarja22 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:31 pm

hi guys, So I have an ip cam and im building an interface for it,
i've got the video part working so i can see the video real time on my page.
But now im trying to get it to auto pan left and right,
I know the url that I need to send commands to its just
each number 1 being up and 2 being stop up.
What im trying to do is have a button under the video and when you click it, it stats panning left right.
so in my browser i can type
it will go left untill you type
then it stops im not to sure how to do this was thinking i could just $_post but that will change page?? im stuck lol

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