Due Date Check and Send Reminder

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Due Date Check and Send Reminder

Postby shahidafridi » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:02 pm

Hello People !

I am new here and to the php world :-)

I am trying to write a script that enables me to see weather a report has been submitted or not, using a form I created.
I have created a form that is storing the field data in the SQL database and emailing the recipients but I don't know how to proceed with the second part.

It is sort of a bill payment system expect that there is no bill and users send the reports using my form.

What I want to do is:
(a) Check weather a report has been submitted or not on the due date ?
(b) If it is not submitted, send E-Mail reminders to the owner of that report.
(c) Set the schedule / frequency of the reports and the reminders. (Some reports are to be submitted daily, some weekly, some monthly)

Please help ...

Thanks !


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