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Postby EndUser » Mon May 20, 2013 6:27 am

Hi, please bear with me (I'm new to the forum & my post may not be best placed in coding).

I'm looking for a few independent web devs to provide a quote to evaluate a MySQL database system that I commissioned. I run an agency and needed a system to manage bookings. The developer wrote the code in old-style PHP, isn't object-oriented & the company didn't provide what I wanted. We agreed in a meeting what would be included, then the developer built what he wanted, not what I needed (E.g. we agreed the system would have an extensive search function but was later told to use "ctrl & 'f'... instead of the search function that he was meant to integrate, "a lot quicker than me building it." He also kept forgetting to implement features we'd agreed on & I would have to repeat requests before they were actioned). The system should have three entities: Customers (who pay for services), Clients (who receive the service) and Subcontractors (who deliver the services on our behalf). The developer became confused, thinking Clients & Customers were interchangeable and omitted that section from the database, despite documents being sent that illustrated they were separate entities. When I asked where this was, the following day I was advised the developer had been taken off the job, the company outsourced it to a freelancer with no handover, but said he'd still be contactable (I was stonewalled & he wouldn't return my calls or emails). I've taken a claim out against them & now I have to find at least 2 impartial web developers to act as expert witnesses that are acceptable to the defendants with indicative costs as to how much the report will cost.

The time it takes to undertake this work will be paid for. I have an A4 lever arch file of emails and attachments showing what should have been integrated. The company asked the freelancer to provide a design spec as I rejected the system and was threatening court action, despite not forwarding any of the information I'd sent their developer to create the database. They've stated that the approach was iterative as the reason their developer wasn't working to a design spec (so why was it so important to have the freelancer write one for them when I rejected their system?). Yet when I asked for certain features I was told it depended how much money was left. When I asked how much they'd spent in hours or £s, my emails were ignored.

I know web developers don't tend to undertake this type of work, but where are customers who aren't really in the know supposed to go when they get ripped off?

I look forward to hearing from anyone who sympathises with my situation and feels they have the expertise to undertake this project.



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