little help with phrasing an google atom feed

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little help with phrasing an google atom feed

Postby Dhgreg » Mon May 06, 2013 6:08 pm

Hello I pretty new to PHP and have some complex google sheets that I'm slowly bringing over into mysql and php.
In the meanwhile, I'm trying to bring data into to my php site via google sheets "publish as ATOM feed".
I can do the phrasing for a normal ATOM feed via simplexml_load_file(); I just don't have the skill to bring the google ATOM feed into the php page.

any help

here is the feed

and some sample data:
<entry><id></id><updated>2013-05-07T01:48:36.044Z</updated><category scheme='' term=''/><title type='text'>4</title><content type='text'>stds: 42/58, picturepremod: H, picturepostmod: 1, background: #9c7819, name: James, g1: 1, g2: 0, g3: 1, g4: 1, g5: 1, g6: 1, g7: 1, g8: 0, g9: 1, g10: 0, g11: 1, g12: 0, g13: 1, g14: 1, g15: 0, g16: 1, mnf: 30</content><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/></entry>

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