Reading data from a web page

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Reading data from a web page

Postby wrighty » Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:41 pm

I am building a weather station based on the Arduino board. So far I have set things up so that the Arduino acts as a data web server. In other words, when I enter the Aduino’s IP address in the browser on my PC on the same local network I get the three numbers separated by commas telling me the humidity, temperature and pressure.

I now what want to write these three variables (along with the data and time) to my server so that I can access them from the outside world. This sounds like a CRON job calling a PHP script on my server at regular intervals. So how I do I a) call the web page in the first place and b) assign these three numbers to variables so that I can write them to my server? (The writing part is not a problem!)



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