imap_list returns localized Gmail folders

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imap_list returns localized Gmail folders

Postby lazarantal » Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:27 pm

Dear All,

I am trying to put together a php application, which connects to Gmail IMAP server and downloads a user's inbox folders and mails. The problem I am currently facing (and apparently can't resolve) is, when I am downloading the gmail folders with imap_list function, I am getting localized labels / folder names. Is there any way to always get the native English names? I know that Google has an IMAP extension, namely XLIST, which addresses this issue, but I haven't found an example of using this extension with php.

I've found examples of using XLIST with frameworks like Zend, but since I am not using them, those examples did not help me. Is there a way of using Google's and Apple's IMAP extension in php (without any framework)? Or, I have to use a php extension? Do you know if PEAR's IMAP library can handles the Google IMAP extension?

Any help is highly appreciated!


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