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Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:53 pm

Couple things to look at. Your PNS_DB looks like a constant, is it? If so, when you put it in quotes, you have assigned $dbName a string "PNS_DB". If PNS_DB is in fact a constant, I would just change the following

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$select = mysql_select_db(PNS_DB,$dbConn);
Next I would consider migrating to prepared statements using either mysqli or PDO. It looks like from this code that PNS only requires the connection $dbConn. You could make that connection like so

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     $dbConn = new mysqli(DB_HOST,DB_UNAME,DB_UPWORD,DB_NAME);
     if ($dbConn->connect_errno){
    	$mes = urlencode("Failed ".$dbConn->connect_error);
       	header("Location: $error.php?err=$mes");
Then a query

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     $result=$dbConn->query("SELECT user_name FROM users");
Then output

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  while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
     echo "This user name is ".$row['user_name'];

Finally, in some setups, the script and API both have to be owned by the same process. For example, on Linux, both script and API need to be owned by apache:apache. You would change the script and API ownership with the chown command from the command line.

admin# chown apache:apache Master.php
admin# chown apache:apache PNSLib.php

Hopefully that gives you some new leads to follow.

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