functions: filter, change in php

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functions: filter, change in php

Postby matijaz5 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:33 pm

I need some help... we are making an PHP app for project work, I need to finish it until tummorow morning... and I stuck on a point where I need to make (the last) two functions :) .... Frst: function change( the serial number of the "csv box" (column,line){ in the csv file shout function change the value in a specific "csv box"

second function filter (){ function should find every not ampty box (not with a 0 in it) in csv files in 2,3 and 4 line....

I will be very grateful for any tip or even a full code full code would be the best :) sorry for my terrible English... hope someone will help me

background: our professor has quit his job... and he put as a lot of work in the last week of his teaching... we were programering in c until now and i really wont to pass this subject... 3 days for an app ... come on :/ i am worikng on it since of the bigginig... this are the only two things i still had to do...
in the next semester we have a php subject so don't wory i will need to learn everything... :S

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