similar_text() function

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int similar_text ( string $first , string $second [, float &$percent ] )

This calculates the similarity between two strings as described in Programming Classics: Implementing the World's Best Algorithms by Oliver (ISBN 0-131-00413-1). Note that this implementation does not use a stack as in Oliver's pseudo code, but recursive calls which may or may not speed up the whole process. Note also that the complexity of this algorithm is O(N**3) where N is the length of the longest string.
I've been unsuccessful finding a better explanation of the algo in use, but i really invested only about a minute in researching it. According to the comments on, changing the order of your operands can affect your results
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Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:32 pm

As an alternative you can try Levenshtein Distance:

It's apparently faster than similar_text, and you can control the different parts of the algorithm...
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