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Postby luisgarso » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:54 pm

Hi everyone this is my first post and I'm really need help URGENT.
This is my problem:

I've been trying for days to connect a SOAP Client with a WSDL Service in .NET
OK, first I was thinking that the problem was my code or my PHP Configuration.

Then I realize that the .NET wsdl has a rare thing with the schemas
The provider has a dynamic arrange on the wsdl where the schemas location[01-04]/XX/YY/schema.xsd=0 is not public, so my PHP Script crash when it tries to read the line that contains the schema, because it is no allowed, for policy of the provider to see it.

It is not a Proxy Issue because there's no way that the provider allow to any client to access that URL.

For the other side the public schema is public in other URL different to that in the wsdl.

My question: How can I tell to the SOAP Client script to ignore those schemas on the wsdl to avoid the script crash and how can I tell to the SOAP Client script to use the schema located in the public URL.

By your time thank you guys.


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