add, create, delete data in XML file

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Personally, I wouldn't use a flat file for data storage if you intent to change the data often. Flat file is great for content management system where the information changes once in a while. A database back end would be faster and less line of code to do the same thing.

That said, here's a function I use to write page content to a text file. XML will have additional nuances, but this will get you in the right direction, unless I'm totally misunderstanding your question.

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public function writer($fpath, $string){
	$date = date('jS F Y');
	$handle = fopen("$fpath", 'a'); //file path to write, a - append on to end
	flock($handle,LOCK_EX); //lock the file so only one user can write to it at one time.
	$input = $date.",".$string."\n"; //concatinate variables in to one string
	if ($input > 0)
	    fwrite($handle, $input);
	    return true;
	    flock($handle, LOCK_UN);// un lock the file
	   else die("No lines to write for $fp");
     } //closes function writer
So this opens your file and appends the string of data on to the end of the opened file. You would use this to add items.

Other functions to look at fseek(), fgets(), fgetc(), fclose().
Hope that helps

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